Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Prophets of the Unbelievers Prophesy Truth

ehold, as the love of many hath waxed cold, when many free born people of the world hath grown content in themselves, and do not lay upon their beds in fear for the wrath that is to be revealed against them,

2. There came prophets. Unbelieving and godless men, who saw better the truth and bravely spake against the people who would lie 'pon their cushions of comfort and sing 'Peace and Plenty!'

3. For truth is self-evident. It cannot be spoken away, though the world raileth against it. It cannot be ignored, except by willful means, and by stubborn self delusion.

4. And they spake the truth in siccan manners as to cause the other godless among them to become sore vexed and wrathful. For they only disbelieve the God of Abraham, Moses and the prophets,

5. and moreover do they take wicked glee in blaspheming the Saviour, who is patient and forgiving. But even the unbeliever who cannot see his own error,

doth attest to it against the lying prophet, who is flayed upon the eternal rack of endless sorrows, and his minions, who do lie constantly, and without shame.

6. An God blesseth even the ass which speaketh true words as He putteth in her mouth, mayhap He will fill up the mouth of the man who seeketh with all his heart to speak that which is true and just, for even as Balak demandeth cursing, Balaam may only bless.

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