Sunday, July 18, 2010

Whither Thou, Charles Martel? Thy People Do Beseech Thee!

                       Charles de Steuben's Bataille de Poitiers en Octobre 732 

t is said of the race of Gaul, that there be not a man of spine among them, for in wars do they prove duplicitous and cowardly allies and in peace do they duplicitously wage war in secret upon their friends.

2. Now it came to pass, in the span of two and one half score years, that the men of Gaul did invite their former vassals to live in peace in their midst. And they were called 'guest workers'.

3. And their vassals were the Algerian and the Moor, who are the sons of Allah and his prophet,

...who is now and evermore the clyster bag of  Satan.

4. In the course of time, after many generations of guest workers had been born, the men of Gaul did look around and behold a terrible and wondrous thing.

5. For as far as the eye seeth, in all the streets of Gaul, at the stroke of the twelfth hour of the Sixth day, do a million arses of the sons of Allah rise as one sphincter to worship in the manner of their prophet, who is *see picture above*.

6. And the men of Gaul, they do quake, and grow fearful, for now their guests are become invaders, and even now do wage unholy war upon them.

7. But the Manipulators of Perception decried their fears, with soothful sayings, "Fear not, for they are but youths who do rage and burn and destroy."

8. And the sheriffs, who were sore afraid themselves, did make a list, and upon it decreed whither the men of Gaul may walk unmolested and whither they must never walk at all, for fear of slaughter. And likewise, the sheriffs said, "Look ye not upon them, nor speak of them on the internets, else we prosecute thee!"

9. And with threats and entreaties do the weakened men of Gaul stand aghast in their own home, for they were fools, and were selfish, and were not fruitful, neither did they multiply, and so they have lost their country and their culture to the raging sons of Allah.

10. Now it came to pass, that two sons of Allah did seek to rob with violence and with weapons that are outlawed, for that is what they do, and that, right well. For to rob an infidel is permitted,  but in the West robbery is called lawlessness. And the sheriffs gave chase, whereupon a son of Allah did fire, and was likewise killed.

11. And so the sons of Allah, once more, with feeling, do riot, and destroy their homes, and burn and rampage and wage war upon the men of Gaul anew, who, having forgot their history, do suffer the consequences of allowing guests to stay more than three days in their house.

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