Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Unholy Warriors of Allah Fight Against the Powerful Pen, Which They Wield Not to Their Benefit, Nor Right Well at That


ow, when the unholy sons of Allah and his prophet - may he be counted as the appetizer, the main course and dessert of the eternally Damnèd, with free refills on his bitter tears evermore - array themselves for war, which they wage alway, they slaughter not with sword, nor with the first.

2. But with lies and boasting outrages do they attack and conspire against the Wise Men of the West who are not politicians, and changeable as the wind, but are men of firm convictions and waver not. And their weapon is likewise, not the sword, but the pen, which they indeed wield masterfully, for they speak the truth about the evil false prophet and his false god, who is but Satan in disguise.

3. And the murderous sons of Allah cannot abide the truth, and so they fight against it, first, with noise and tantrums.

4. And in the West, the sons of Allah recruit helpers, who are traitors, and they are called "Quislings", for with honeyed words do they seduce the gullible and weak minded and the politicians, saying, "Peace, peace, Islam is peace!"  And for the betrayal of their countrymen, they are paid their 30 pieces.

5. And lo, these are they, who speak for Allah and his cursèd prophet: The teacher, the politician and weak willed women who allay the rational fears of sane folk, and conspire they with the Manipulators of Perception, who say, "Believest thou not what thine eye hath seen, nor what thine ear hath heard, for they do lie. Believest thou our words, instead."

6. And many are they which do believe the lie, and together turn aside all wisdom and discernment, for it taxeth them overmuch to think for themselves.

7. But the Wise Men of the West are rare, for their eyes are not fooled with pageantry, neither are their ears stopped with honeyed persuasions,  but they see straightly and narrowly, and they write that which they see with fables and parables and drawings and this doth anger both the sons of Allah and the Manipulators of Perception and maketh them sorely wroth.

8. Perchance, on occasion, there cometh one or two from their ilk, who telleth the truth unflinching, and they are brave and must needs be attended by the lazy mind, ere it is too late, and the sons of Allah and his prophet, shall wage war on us all, when they have finished with the Wise Men of the West. Pay ye, therefore heed, and shrink ye not from the truth, though the liars may burn ye, and ye are slaughtered apace.

9. And may the Lord bless Vlad Tepes and KGS who do subtitle and impart knowledge to us who would otherwise remain in darkness. And likewise, bless the Baron and Dymphna, who take many slings and arrows for the truth.

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