Wednesday, July 7, 2010


2. For what doth it profit a political party, to gain power, only to lose donors by laying upon them heavy taxes? It then must needs extract its lucre by means of force, and thus risk the wrath of its former supporters, who then turn to other parties and give of their means to vote out them whom they formerly supported.

3. Insanity, insanity, mocketh the blogger. All is insanity.

4. How great and imminent is the fall of that nation, where once she traveled the stars, and to the moon, and gazed in awesome wonder at the Vast and Beauteous Creation, yet now she groveleth in the dust before the ignorant and rash sons of Allah, the scions of their prophet's backwardness and savagery.

5. Insanity, insanity, rageth the blogger. All is insanity!

6. For one generation smiteth its progeny, when they are inconvenient, and then, in the fullness of age, waxeth old and demandeth of the young who are fewer, to support them in their dotage, and find it is now their turn to be inconvenient.

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