Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Fool King Telleth a Wicked Tale

n the waning days of The West, the Fool King, in an effort to appease those lawless Warlords of Allah's House, went forth abroad and did speak to the denizens of Allah's House, telling wicked and foolish lies:

2. He told a wicked, wicked lie, which is perniciously spread by the lawless sons of Allah's prophet, whose bowels forever pass the gas of pigs in the presence of the Mockers whom he has slain, may they be justified in eternity.

3. And here is that wicked lie: That Moses the Lawgiver, and Jesus the Messiah and Mohammed, the false prophet of Allah, who is but Satan in disguise all did worship together and they did pray together. But this is a lie, and verily, this is what indeed, came to pass:

4. In the Plain of the Dead, Moses the Lawgiver was questioned by the vile, false prophet of Allah, who is Satan in disguise. And the false prophet did ask Moses, "Art thou a Jew?"

5. And Moses, speaking the truth, did say, "Yea, verily, it is so. I am a Jew." "And is thy father a Jew, and likewise, thy mother a Jew?" "Most certainly, false prophet, my mother was a Jew, and also my father, and my brother and sister are Jews as well." And being filled with rage, the false prophet of Allah, who is but Satan in disguise, did cut off the head of Moses.

6. And turning to Christ, he demanded to know if He were a Christian, and Jesus spake, saying, I am a Jew, and my mother was a Jew, and my father is God, who will judge the quick and the dead.

7. And Mohammed, who became crazed with madness, took Jesus and did crucify him anew.

8. And this is what is done these very days, by the sons of Allah and his false prophet. They continue to behead, and to crucify, for they follow their false prophet, and say thus, "he is the perfect ensample to all mankind, let us be like unto him."

9. May God forgive them, for they have no understanding. And may we gird up our minds, because we have understanding, and are therefore, without excuse.

10. For e'en though a lie hath been told oft and is durable, once the painful truth is told, the lie loseth its charm.

11. And the once confused and now liberated soul doth make merry, in spite of the best efforts of the Liars and Soothsayers and the Manipulators of clearly demonstrated in the following bit of revisionist video history: