Friday, October 29, 2010

The Fools' Wedding in Paradise

ehold the fool, who sayeth in his heart, that good is evil, and evil is good. Ruin shall come to him. 

2.How many are they, who seek in Hell, a Garden of Eden, and sail off to her fair ports, only to find that the water hath been turned to poison.

3. Now it came to pass, that from the West there did sail a wedding party, a ship of fools, to consecrate their sacred vows of marriage in the presence of lawless men and their false god, Allah, who is but Satan in disguise. They came to seek the blessings from the Sons of Allah, and instead received curses, for they were fools and wot not, because they wished not to wot.

4. For the Sons of Allah and his prophet, whose body is hoist evermore and writhing on the fiery pike of the True Judge, where he awaits his just deserts, did invite their guests, and in their language did abuse and mock them.

5. Yea verily, there are no secrets with the Oracles, and they shall forever be renown for their simple minds. For they sought not the blessings of Christ, nor did they seek to be His Bride, but instead, exchanged blessing for cursing, from the mouths of blasphemers.

6. And that is what the Sons of Allah and his lying prophet do, and that, right well.

7. And the fools, as fools never learn, are once more surprised.

Monday, August 30, 2010

May We Remember Thee, O Lord

n the days before the Fall of the Mighty Nation, a man, whom God had blessed with wit and wisdom and faith and good speech did exhort the people of the nation to prayer and called to one and all, and as many who would come, to come and gather in the capital and pray for the people to be restored to remembrance of God, and to honor and service.

2. And behold, many were they that came.

3.  And the gathering was held at the monument of one of their greatest leaders, a man afflicted by sorrows. By the thousands came they, with their families and neighbors, from far and wide, came they, to exhort one another to honor and prayer, for the nation had strayed afar, and was as a ship without its moorings in the face of an evil wind and crashing waves. And the captain, who should be at the helm was asleep, instead, and all the yeomen say, "Peace and Safety and Prosperity."  and there is not.

4. And it came to pass, that the Emperor, The Gelded Child, did play and make merry, alway, even as his people suffered and withered, for their fortunes were lost, and now they were without. And the Emperor heard them not, and dismissed them as 'bitter'.

5. Now the Manipulators of Perception, long ago discarded and now ignored by the people as "truth-tellers," did mock and deride the man who called the people together, and they, having lost all sensibilities, did lie and berate those to whom they were charged to chronicle the days in truth.

6. For what was written about them, that having eyes, they see not, and having ears, they hear not and they believe that if one pretendeth hard enough, it will just all go away.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Prophets of the Unbelievers Prophesy Truth

ehold, as the love of many hath waxed cold, when many free born people of the world hath grown content in themselves, and do not lay upon their beds in fear for the wrath that is to be revealed against them,

2. There came prophets. Unbelieving and godless men, who saw better the truth and bravely spake against the people who would lie 'pon their cushions of comfort and sing 'Peace and Plenty!'


3. For truth is self-evident. It cannot be spoken away, though the world raileth against it. It cannot be ignored, except by willful means, and by stubborn self delusion.

4. And they spake the truth in siccan manners as to cause the other godless among them to become sore vexed and wrathful. For they only disbelieve the God of Abraham, Moses and the prophets,

5. and moreover do they take wicked glee in blaspheming the Saviour, who is patient and forgiving. But even the unbeliever who cannot see his own error,

doth attest to it against the lying prophet, who is flayed upon the eternal rack of endless sorrows, and his minions, who do lie constantly, and without shame.

6. An God blesseth even the ass which speaketh true words as He putteth in her mouth, mayhap He will fill up the mouth of the man who seeketh with all his heart to speak that which is true and just, for even as Balak demandeth cursing, Balaam may only bless.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Whither Thou, Charles Martel? Thy People Do Beseech Thee!

                       Charles de Steuben's Bataille de Poitiers en Octobre 732 

t is said of the race of Gaul, that there be not a man of spine among them, for in wars do they prove duplicitous and cowardly allies and in peace do they duplicitously wage war in secret upon their friends.

2. Now it came to pass, in the span of two and one half score years, that the men of Gaul did invite their former vassals to live in peace in their midst. And they were called 'guest workers'.

3. And their vassals were the Algerian and the Moor, who are the sons of Allah and his prophet,

...who is now and evermore the clyster bag of  Satan.

4. In the course of time, after many generations of guest workers had been born, the men of Gaul did look around and behold a terrible and wondrous thing.

5. For as far as the eye seeth, in all the streets of Gaul, at the stroke of the twelfth hour of the Sixth day, do a million arses of the sons of Allah rise as one sphincter to worship in the manner of their prophet, who is *see picture above*.

6. And the men of Gaul, they do quake, and grow fearful, for now their guests are become invaders, and even now do wage unholy war upon them.

7. But the Manipulators of Perception decried their fears, with soothful sayings, "Fear not, for they are but youths who do rage and burn and destroy."

8. And the sheriffs, who were sore afraid themselves, did make a list, and upon it decreed whither the men of Gaul may walk unmolested and whither they must never walk at all, for fear of slaughter. And likewise, the sheriffs said, "Look ye not upon them, nor speak of them on the internets, else we prosecute thee!"

9. And with threats and entreaties do the weakened men of Gaul stand aghast in their own home, for they were fools, and were selfish, and were not fruitful, neither did they multiply, and so they have lost their country and their culture to the raging sons of Allah.

10. Now it came to pass, that two sons of Allah did seek to rob with violence and with weapons that are outlawed, for that is what they do, and that, right well. For to rob an infidel is permitted,  but in the West robbery is called lawlessness. And the sheriffs gave chase, whereupon a son of Allah did fire, and was likewise killed.

11. And so the sons of Allah, once more, with feeling, do riot, and destroy their homes, and burn and rampage and wage war upon the men of Gaul anew, who, having forgot their history, do suffer the consequences of allowing guests to stay more than three days in their house.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

We Bare Our Necks, Mayhap They will not Cut our Throats

little slumber, a little sleep, a little folding of the hands to rest, began the Preacher, a little forgetting, a little relenting, continueth the blogger.

2. A little lie, told here, to thine own self alone, and there, to another not far yonder. A lie that is sweet, and goeth into the marrow, completely.

3. Soon, thou wilt be insensible as Prince Charles if thou but relentest, just a little.

4. And ripe for slaughter.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Unholy Warriors of Allah Fight Against the Powerful Pen, Which They Wield Not to Their Benefit, Nor Right Well at That


ow, when the unholy sons of Allah and his prophet - may he be counted as the appetizer, the main course and dessert of the eternally Damnèd, with free refills on his bitter tears evermore - array themselves for war, which they wage alway, they slaughter not with sword, nor with the first.

2. But with lies and boasting outrages do they attack and conspire against the Wise Men of the West who are not politicians, and changeable as the wind, but are men of firm convictions and waver not. And their weapon is likewise, not the sword, but the pen, which they indeed wield masterfully, for they speak the truth about the evil false prophet and his false god, who is but Satan in disguise.

3. And the murderous sons of Allah cannot abide the truth, and so they fight against it, first, with noise and tantrums.

4. And in the West, the sons of Allah recruit helpers, who are traitors, and they are called "Quislings", for with honeyed words do they seduce the gullible and weak minded and the politicians, saying, "Peace, peace, Islam is peace!"  And for the betrayal of their countrymen, they are paid their 30 pieces.

5. And lo, these are they, who speak for Allah and his cursèd prophet: The teacher, the politician and weak willed women who allay the rational fears of sane folk, and conspire they with the Manipulators of Perception, who say, "Believest thou not what thine eye hath seen, nor what thine ear hath heard, for they do lie. Believest thou our words, instead."

6. And many are they which do believe the lie, and together turn aside all wisdom and discernment, for it taxeth them overmuch to think for themselves.

7. But the Wise Men of the West are rare, for their eyes are not fooled with pageantry, neither are their ears stopped with honeyed persuasions,  but they see straightly and narrowly, and they write that which they see with fables and parables and drawings and this doth anger both the sons of Allah and the Manipulators of Perception and maketh them sorely wroth.

8. Perchance, on occasion, there cometh one or two from their ilk, who telleth the truth unflinching, and they are brave and must needs be attended by the lazy mind, ere it is too late, and the sons of Allah and his prophet, shall wage war on us all, when they have finished with the Wise Men of the West. Pay ye, therefore heed, and shrink ye not from the truth, though the liars may burn ye, and ye are slaughtered apace.

9. And may the Lord bless Vlad Tepes and KGS who do subtitle and impart knowledge to us who would otherwise remain in darkness. And likewise, bless the Baron and Dymphna, who take many slings and arrows for the truth.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


2. For what doth it profit a political party, to gain power, only to lose donors by laying upon them heavy taxes? It then must needs extract its lucre by means of force, and thus risk the wrath of its former supporters, who then turn to other parties and give of their means to vote out them whom they formerly supported.

3. Insanity, insanity, mocketh the blogger. All is insanity.

4. How great and imminent is the fall of that nation, where once she traveled the stars, and to the moon, and gazed in awesome wonder at the Vast and Beauteous Creation, yet now she groveleth in the dust before the ignorant and rash sons of Allah, the scions of their prophet's backwardness and savagery.

5. Insanity, insanity, rageth the blogger. All is insanity!

6. For one generation smiteth its progeny, when they are inconvenient, and then, in the fullness of age, waxeth old and demandeth of the young who are fewer, to support them in their dotage, and find it is now their turn to be inconvenient.